Sports Fishing Comp

The Australian High Commission (and the NZ High Comm) has a cat with twin 150hp on the back, that they use to entertain the staff and take visiting dignitaries out on the lagoon or sea.  They offered me a seat for the next Betio Fishing Clubs competition day.  The boat crew was Ross Craven, Damien and Matt Young.

On Sept 9, we launched from Bairiki Marina at 4am, to steam up to Abiang, which is the next island north of Tarawa.  We spent the time trolling for the target species and landed a few, though we only had 3 species to weigh in at the end – my Wahoo, a Giant Trevally and a little Yellowfin Tuna.

The Wahoo I caught was by far my biggest fish yet, and weighed in a t 54lb, which was the biggest wahoo for this year at the Betio club (by one pound), so I am up on the honour board (for now).


And the Aussie boat ended up wining the day, and got back on top of the leader board, after the kiwis over took it last month.



4 thoughts on “Sports Fishing Comp

  1. Oh wow Leigh, what a fish. Chris has just set up your Blog for me, so I think I can see things as you post and follow your adventures. Looks like you have settled in well and making friends.


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