I can’t believe I’m writing a blog…

“I’m writing a blog” you sound like such a dick. So why am I doing it? There is so little current information on Kiribati that I wanted something a little bit more permanent and public than a string of stalkerbook posts.

Kiribati is no-where near as bad as we were led to believe from everything we had read and researched and where told. South Tarawa has had a hige influx of people in the last few years, and with the sealing of the ‘main road’ (honestly – it has no other name), there have been a lot of changes to the country.

A little boy who made a drum set.

To begin with, you can get almost anything you need form the shops here, you have to hunt and go to multiple shops, but if you try hard enough you can probably get it. Shampoo, soap, deoderant, tinned tomatoes, toasters, pens and pencils, computers… you get the point. The range of food is very dependent on what is in town at any particular time, for instant, cheese is almost impossible to find.

There are a lot of restaurants that are available that I-matangs can eat at – typically if it is in a proper building, you will be fine to eat there.

Ultimately, I am committing the ultimate embaressment of writing a blog, so that others may get a better insight into what Kiribati is like now.

Swimming at the bridge.

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