The Noise

everyone yells. I am sitting at someone’s house, waiting for the truck that is taking the pre school kids to bouta to plant some mangrove, and all the parents are LOUD! I mean there is constant yelling, at the kids, at each other.

I have no idea what they are saying, but where we would walk inside to talk to someone, they will just tell from 30m away, through a brick wall. and if they can’t hear them, they’ll yell again, typically louder. it takes a lot of yelling with no response before they’ll get up to try and get a bit closer.

I was in fair price (a big shop) and the staff just yelled. they were so loud. I ended up yelling to just for fun. it is bizarre the volume of these people.
one thing I have noticed is that it is just the women. I am yet to see men yelling like that, but that could be pure coincidence.

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