Help Getting Here – Life Support Manikins

We decided that we should try and get some training aids for the hospital, specifically around paediatric and neonatal life support.  After discussiing their needs with the Senior Paeds Nurse, we decided that we would buy:

  • PreemieNatalie
  • NeoNatalie
  • Advanced Life Support Child Manikin

These combined with the shipping cost in the order of $4000!  I made up a ‘gofundme’ sort of page to try and get some help with these costs, and sent the word around work and stalkerbook.


The response was absolutely amazing!  I could not believe how generous people were with there money.  We made the total with very little effort and I cannot thank my team mates and colleagues from Rio Tinto and friends enough.

Claires work, Tiny Hearts, who provide first aid training donated a Laerdal Infant and Child resuscitation manikin.

It would seem that this was a wise investment, as a lot of training and education is required for the paeds nurses to be able to effectively perform the correct life support technique for the size of the child, but also the advanced life support, such as bagging, etc.


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